Monday, January 1, 2007

About The Magic of Ink

I love reading and reviewing books and needed something to do with the pages of reviews I’d written, so I started this blog. My team member, Tyto Alba, and I will be posting reviews, lists, and “themes” (short reviews centering around a subject or genre in a sort of article) on books and movies we have enjoyed and think that you will, too. I hope to offer a wide variety of genres, including fantasy, historical, general, and realistic fiction, dramas, comedies, and thrillers. I’ve organized everything by category into what I hope is an easy-to-navigate blog.

Technically this is a recommendation blog, which means you won’t see reviews that completely trash a book or movie. Personally, I don’t see the point in wasting time telling people how awful something is. You will see few negative reviews here.

Books are linked to simply for convenience, as it seems to be the most user-friendly site for more information on books, and movies are linked to The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for the same reason.
Please leave comments with your thoughts or questions on anything.

-Ink Mage


  1. How do I get a book to you for a possible review? The book is a new fantasy novel entitled Rowan of the Wood (


  2. My 10 yr. old came home with Annie between the states. She is really into this book (chapter2 so far) I read the back it talks about a romance. I went to your site. The book is teens/young adult. How detailed in the romance with this be. Don't have time to read it before her. Kinda worried. Please Help

  3. Cristin - If you're talking about "Rowan of the Wood," the romance is not at all detailed. It's basically an undercurrent, establishing the deep love between Rowan and Fiana. There are no love scenes or anything like that. Only a kiss or two. We've had 7-10 yr olds read and love it. No worries.

  4. Cristin,

    Sorry to take so long, I did not see your comment until now. I haven't read Annie, Between the States in quite a while, but as I recall it would probably have the rating of a G or PG movie for the romance aspect. Annie dances, flirts, kisses, and marries. No graphic seductions or anything of the sort.

    The war violence might be worse, as one character looses his arm, and Annie nurses wounded soldiers and there are some descriptions of wounds.

    Sorry again for the wait, and hope this helps!


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