Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Blog is Dead

Well, almost or this post wouldn't be here. I just can't keep up with The Magic of Ink anymore, or even the Facebook page updates. Skimming others' blogs--with a few rare comments--is about all I have time or energy for these days.

I do still read, and if you would still like to follow my readings, you may do so on my Goodreads account, which WILL be updated (as long as I continue reading, so essentially for the rest of my life). If you're just curious about what I'm reading, please follow my reviews without actually friending me. I have quite a few Goodreads friends to keep up with as it is. If we have a lot of books in common, please do friend me! Or feel free to PM me and ask for certain recommendations and the like; I'd be happy to help.

Happy reading!

-Ink Mage