Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No Shame, No Fear

by Ann Turnbull

“He’s not for thee,” Susanna Thorn’s mother tells her after she looks back at the handsome young man who made sure little Deb was unhurt after a fall on the road. But Susanna cannot keep his kind action and pleasing countenance from her head, even though he is clearly not a Friend. And William’s thoughts, as it turns out, keep turning to the fascinating, pretty maid whose gaze lingers with him still, though she is a Quaker. What a surprise for both Will and Susanna when they happen upon each other again at a Quaker meeting at the Seven Stars, an alehouse in Hemsbury. The bookshop where Su has begun work makes for a convenient meeting place, and the two fall quickly and deeply in love. But troubles arise in the town—new laws are passed which make it illegal for Quakers to meet, and prejudice against Susanna’s faith grows stronger. Meanwhile, Will’s father, a wealthy merchant, is much against his son finally showing his long-time interest in a different faith. With such strains added to William and Su’s relationship, will the words Susanna’s mother spoke be proven true or utterly wrong?
The issues of family, faith, and feelings that this exceptionally engaging book deal with make this love story one that can be enjoyed for the good writing and depth alone. Find out of if true love really does exist for Susanna and William in Forged in the Fire.

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