Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun at Borders

Who but true book addicts are able to spend a solid two hours at a bookstore for something fun to do? Apparently Tyto Alba (my sister), myself, and our friend Gem really love reading because that's how we spent Thursday evening. (I think the employees actually thought we might be shoplifting or something, because we got some strange looks after an hour or so.)

I always bring paper and a pen so I can write down titles of books that look interesting, of which there were a lot before I started blogging and reading blogs. But last night...I found only seven books that I want to read, a few of which I was already aware. Blogging is so awesome because now I hear about so many more books than I used to.
For example, my friend picked up Evernight and asked, "Is this a vampire book?"
"Yep," I answered after a very quick glance at the cover. I haven't even read it.
Later on, "Is this book good?"
Me: "It's supposed to be."
Gem: "You know everything! How do you know everything?!"

It was quite entertaining.

After finally exhausting the YA section, Gem skimmed the manga, my sister and I drooled over the "British TV" DVD section, we all laughed over the stupid romance novels, and then ate chocolate in the café area.

Gem needed a new book now and bought Hilary Frank's I Can't Tell You. I want to read it, too, but I'm getting it from the library. I have a $25 gift certificate and might have bought something, too, but always have trouble deciding what to buy.

Friendship, books, and chocolate, what else can you want?


  1. Yeah, don't bother with that book. I got halfway through and then got bored. But then, it IS me, so who knows. They do curse an awful lot, though, especially in the beginning.

    ...Blah, I need to update my blog.

  2. i do the same thing when i go to a bookstore.... but most of the time i don't plan ahead so i'm digging a pen out of my purse and finding something to write on!

  3. OMG. I thought I was the only one who did this sort of thing at bookstores! Seriously, my last trip to Borders was almost identical!

  4. You have hit on the most magic combination: friendship, books, and chocolate (what is your favorite kind of chocolate?)


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