Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ink Mage's Top 2008 Books

Having read somewhere above (probably well above) 200 books since January, it was a tough choice to come up with my favorite books read (and published) in 2008. The idea was inspired--alright, sort of stolen--from The Story Siren's Top Picks in 2008 list...


At first the cover really annoyed me and I was against it. Then I decided I'd just try it, and I ended up loving it!

Anything by E. Lockhart is good, and I loved watching each girl grow in her own way.

Retold Fairytales:

Very original fairytale retelling! (Full review)

Beautifully written and unique! (Full review)


It's Flora, what can I say?! Fun and completely uniquely original. (Full review)

The third Book of Pellinor. Darker than the previous two novels, but really good as always!

Exciting New Worlds:

Amazing. Enough said.

(I'm running out of ways to say a book was "awesome.") I really like dragons, and this was a pretty original work set in fantasy world a lot like China. I wish the cover was better, though.

Gorgeously Written:

Beth Kephart rocks.

Short and sweet with amazing characterizations.

Books I Wasn't Sure How to Categorize:

I liked how the author went into detail about the wolves' lives, although the plot was sort of cliché. I hope the sequel is more original. (Full review)

Received this as a gift for the holidays because I liked it so much! Loved Katsa's character growth. (Full review)

Great adventure story. (I think I liked it better than Wildwood Dancing but I can't remember.) The romance was a little too predictable, though.


  1. What a great list you have here! I've read most of these and a lot of them are my favorites, too. :)

  2. These are great book. I read all of them, and now I gave them it my friends so hey could read them. I don’t have e a favorite book, since I love every book I read (most of the time). I still didn’t found the perfect book, the one that I can read repeatedly, without getting bored. I’m on a break from reading for past 5 weeks, since I’m very busy at work. I hope that I’ll have time soon. I still have 3 more books to read, and I’m waiting for that impatiently. If you have more recommendation for books, please, share them with us. Thank you, and have a nice weekend.


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