Thursday, April 5, 2007

John Marsden’s Tomorrow Series

When Ellie Linton and her friends go on a camping trip during the Commemoration Day celebration, they have no idea it will keep them from becoming prisoners in their own country. While the rest of the town is at the Showground celebrating, another country invaded Australia, taking over everything and everything. Ellie and her friends—Robyn, Kevin, Corrie, Lee, Homer, Fi, and Chris—decide that the must do something to loosen the invader’s grasp on their country and families—even if it means killing people. But what can eight teenagers really do to sabotage the enemy’s plans, stay hidden, and most of importantly, stay alive? Tomorrow, When the War Began is a gripping, suspenseful novel with very genuine characters, which at times is so real it’s spooky.

In the sequel series, The Ellie Chronicles, Ellie must learn to fight a new kind of war; a battle to keep her farm, the land she loves, and to survive after her parents are killed by enemy soldiers. This brings a new and different focus to the story but still centering on the same familiar characters.I must warn you, though, that if you begin reading these books you may suffer from sleep deprivation. This is a very well written and suspenseful series and staying up all night to can see what happens next is quite likely

Note: I would not recommend this series for most teens under the age of 14 due to mature content matter.

The Tomorrow Series:

Tomorrow, When the War Began
The Dead of Night
A Killing Frost
Darkness Be My Friend
Burning for Revenge
The Night is for Hunting
The Other Side of Dawn

The Ellie Chronicles:

While I Live
Circle of Flight (unknown US release)

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