Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indie Girl

by Kavita Daswani

When she was eleven years old, Indira “Indie” Konkipuddi decided that she wanted to be a fashion reporter. At fifteen, she thinks the beginning of her dream is coming true when she sees the ad for a summer internship with Celebrity Style—one of the hottest fashion magazines in the country—and when the publisher, Aaralyn Taylor, visits her school on a career day. But the only thing Indie is offered is to babysit for Aaralyn’s two-year-old son. Indie takes the job, hoping that even though this isn’t what she’d hoped for, she can still get closer to Aaralyn and show off her vast knowledge about fashion. But soon Indie finds out that Celebrity Style is not doing as well as she thought, and also that Trixie Van Alden, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, is having her wedding dress made in India. With this huge information, Indie thinks that maybe now she’ll have a chance to prove herself....

This book was somewhat predictable (as I expected it to be), but Indie is a pretty levelheaded character, and I was pleased that not everything worked out perfectly in the end. Indie Girl is definitely a good book that I didn’t have to think about much but still enjoyed reading.

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