Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Mutating Meme

Both Liv and Medeia Senka tagged me with this meme, which is kind of hard to answer since I was tagged by two--one mutated, one not. So I combined both their questions plus will add one of my own:

-Copy and paste the questions, then fill in your answers. Post this on your blog, livejournal, etc. There’s a catch, though. You have to change/add a question from the meme you were tagged with.
- Post the rules.
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-Tag 3 people by commenting on their blog.
-Link back to the original to see how much it has mutated.

1.) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I kind of already did that (when I was six), although it was just altering the pronunciation from the Americanized one to the original from its place of origin. So I'm happy with my name.

2.) If you were writing a book, what would your lead character's name be?
If I were ever going to finish the book I started, the main character's name would be Vanessa. If I ever write anything else that might eventually be a novel, I'd have to think about it; I like for there to be hidden meanings in the names I give characters.

3.) What is your least favorite food?
Venison burgers, probably. Last time I was in the same house while they were being cooked I had to hide in my room to keep from gagging. I can't imagine eating one.

4.) Are there any songs that get stuck in your head really easily? How do you get them out?
Yes, there are! Usually ones that suck like most Christmas carols and a lot of oldies. Sometimes annoying classical pieces. I get them out by humming either a song I like (Breakaway, This One's for the Girls, Le nozze di Figaro and Il barbiere di Siviglia overtures, Dvořák's 8th or 9th symphonies), hopefully another one that will get stuck in my head. Or I just turn on the radio.

5.) If you could be (or are) a mythical creature, what would it be (or what are you)?
I would be a dragon! Flying and being able to breathe fire on people would be fun.

6.) What do colors taste like?

7.) Which Disney princess is your favorite?
Eew, Disney's animation?! None of them, thank you. They're all helpless little perfect-looking sticks.

8.) Name three (or more if you like) fawesome words.
Indefatigable, grackle, zephyr.

9.) What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Thom's of Maine, sometimes other brands if I'm going somewhere and only want a small tube.

10.) If you could chose one superpower, what would it be?
Mind reading, although it might be kind of scary sometimes.

11.) What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Cold cereal, but only if we have real milk. A lot of times the only options are soy, rice, or
almond milk. I only like certain brands of those--the kinds that don't taste like a bean, old dish water, or like someone took water they'd soaked a Popsicle stick with no Popsicle on it in and gave it to me to drink.

I tag Gem, Felicity, and Enna Isilee.

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