Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dust of 100 Dogs

by A.S. King

Saffron Adams appears to be a normal child in a normal family in Hollow Ford, Pennsylvania. What no one knows is that she was actually born 300 years ago in Ireland as Emer Morrisey. Since her death has spent 100 different lifetimes as dogs—with her memory intact.
Now known as a child genius for her extensive historical knowledge, Saffron has to convince her hopeful parents that she doesn’t want to go to college; first she needs to go dig up the treasure she buried in the Caribbean, the treasure no one else in the world knows about. Or do they?

As much as I hate to be one of the few people who isn’t gushing about The Dust of 100 Dogs, I really can’t. It was a very interesting idea, but not (in my opinion) AMAZING like a lot of reviews found it to be. I thought the characters were pretty flat, and felt very removed from them. Emer/Saffron kept talking about how she wanted to rip out people’s eyes, but I really didn’t see any reason for her to be anything more than annoyed with them. I saw Saffron doing and feeling things, but I didn’t see the reasons why. The author was telling us that Saffron was a ruthless pirate, instead of actually making her into one.
It was the same with Fred Livingstone and Junior; both were almost frightening in the way that they reacted so bizarrely to things for seemingly no reason. I’m not even sure what the point of Junior being in the story was, as he (and Sam, too) didn’t add anything to the plot.
I did really like the originality of the idea, but the execution of it just didn’t live up to my hopes.

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  1. It's good to see a different take on it. I was worried by all the gushing reviews cos usually I'm a bit disappointed after only reading positive. You've balanced that out :)

  2. Good for you for saying what you think honestly!!!!

  3. ^^ Agrred, it's awesome to find blunt reviewers once in a while who say what they really think, even if it contrasts with what's being said by others. :)

  4. <3 very good. I was getting worried. i still want to read though but i like to be warned. thanks so much.


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