Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Girls of Gettysburg

by Lisa Klein

June 1861

Although they are best friends, cousins Lizzie and Rosanne could not be more different; Lizzie is thin and plain and her family sides with the Union, while the beautiful Rosanne’s sympathies lie with those of her native Richmond, Virginia. But surely this “gentlemen’s dispute” will be over in a few months and the tension between the north and south will blow away with the wind and the two cousins can live together in Gettysburg as friends.

However, Rosanne’s love of a Confederate soldier and Lizzie’s commitment to the family’s struggling business tear the girls apart. Even if they survive the war, can their differences ever be reconciled?

Two Girls of Gettysburg did not as completely amaze me as did the author’s debut novel, Ophelia, nor did it draw me into the story the same way as did Annie, Between the States, but it was a very worthwhile and interesting read. Although both of the girls do a lot of growing up (that is quite believable), Rosanne’s half of the story almost had the feeling of a Dear America Diary, trying to cram historical facts and battlefield descriptions into a plot. Lizzie’s story held a lot more character development, and while the romance was predictable—in the fact that it would happen and who it would be with, now when and how like sometimes—it was still nice to read. (Besides, I think I have some kind of superpower to detect main characters’ romantic interests—it’s almost never a surprise for me!)


  1. This looks good. But neither of the girls on the cover is exactly plain...

  2. ooh.. did you like ophelia? I planned on reading it but for some reason I never did. Hm.
    But my sister loved Annie BTS, maybe she'd like this one :)

  3. very good book.i liked it,and i didnt think i would like a civil war book like this but i was required to read 1,it was deffinitly worth reading


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